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Can Romantic Relationships in College Lessen Trauma-Related Alcohol Abuse?

Heavy drinking by students at universities is considered a problem in many countries across the globe, with a survey of undergraduates in seven universities in the UK showing that they have a very high rate of dangerous drinking (some 41% are considered ‘hazardous drinkers’).

The Rise Of The MBA — A Worthy Investment Or Not Worth The Time?

More than 61,000 people study for postgraduate qualifications in business administration studies in the United Kingdom, according to the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS).

Mental Illness At University — How Students Can Effectively Cope When Returning To Study

High levels of anxiety, loneliness, substance abuse, and even thoughts of self-harm were discovered as a result of a poll of almost 38,000 UK students, suggesting that rates of psychological distress and illness are on the rise in universities. When it comes to returning to university after taking a break due to mental health issues, many students struggle with recovery, and could potentially end up in an even worse situation than they were in before taking leave. From the importance of asking for help to maintaining a positive environment, there are several notable ways that students can take action.

Fashion Education’s Crucial Role In The Economic Recovery

The arts industry has a huge role in the health of the British economy. Oxford Economics placed £77bn as a conservative estimate as to the total economic loss closures across the industry would cause; the full picture is yet to be established.

Exercise Enhances Academic Performance in Students

Last year, only 45% of children and young people met NHS guidelines to undertake at least 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise every day.  Encouraging young people to be physically active not only improves their health and wellbeing but has also been shown to help them perform better academically in school and college.  Prioritising sport and exercise in schools can boost resilience, self-esteem and educational achievement. More specifically, increased activity has been linked to improved grades and examination results.

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