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Should the Education Sector Be Doing More for Learners in CPD?

As recent statistics show that teaching applications have dropped by 15%, it begs the question, should the education sector be doing more for learners in CPD?

Leeds Aims to Become Super-Hub City for UK Business Growth

Property Development Group Parklane, are putting their investments into improving Leeds commercial/retail scene, with their continued plans for Wellington Streets new development INC but how can young apprentices look to this development as a way of attaining work?

How Will #Brexit Impact Valuable Education and Training Knowledge Entering the UK?

The impact of Britain’s decision to leave the EU is still unrealised. The UK government is trying to negotiate the terms of our exit, but much of the finer detail has yet to be agreed upon.

Brexit and Financial Services – How will Leaving the EU Impact on Fiscal and Forex Education Institutions?

While Brexit appears to have polarised opinion like few other political issues in living memory, there are some things that all parties can agree on. One of these is the fact that leaving the EU will have a seminal impact on the UK's prosperous financial services market, which is worth around $500 billion and based primarily in the city of London.

Business Trainers Staying Safe Behind the Wheel

Business people that deliver training spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel driving to different premises. Consequently, trainers that use company cars to travel can be more likely to be involved in some kind of accident than your average motorist.

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Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter 2 days ago

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