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“Great progress on apprenticeship standards, but more still to do” says Apprenticeships Minister

 The Good Schools Guide and QMUL launch 2019 Apprenticeships Anthology

‘Leveraging the Levy’ conference at Queen Mary University of London

The launch of Apprenticeships Anthology 2019 and assessing the progress of apprenticeships.

Degree Apprenticeships 'ideal' for many students - The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide is co-hosting a key conference which will examine the criteria for choosing Degree Apprenticeships and set out why they are ideal for many students.

Sir Gerry Berragan steering British business to Apprenticeships success

Ralph Lucas, editor in chief of The Good Schools Guide: Careers, declared apprenticeships to be a rewarding alternative to traditional higher and further education, having shared a stage with Sir Gerry Berragan, chief executive of the Institute of Apprenticeships, at the launch of the Apprenticeships Anthology which took place at Queen Mary University of London on Friday, 7th March 2018.


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The Scale Factor: Bridge the Gap

Scale Space presents The Scale Factor event series in partnership with Imperial College Business School. In our inaugural episode, we address the...