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How to prep your apprentice for an End Point Assessment

Once apprenticeship training ends, learners are tested on their knowledge and skills in the area they have been training. This will demonstrate their ability to do the job they have been training for, and just how well they are able to apply the theory to practical scenarios. This is known as an End Point Assessment, and for the apprentice, marks the end of training and the start of a new career, with a qualification under their belt.

Businesses benefit from new AAT funded accountancy training

Businesses are now able to cover the costs of AAT accountancy training by claiming funds, which are now enrolling for April 2018. Solvo Vir’s new funded accountancy courses, accredited by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), is open for enrolment.

Could Consultancy Combat Levy Chaos?

As the Apprenticeship Levy moves into its second year of establishment, media reports suggest that the government legislation – billed to drive three-million apprenticeships by 2020 – has not been well received.

Is your business suffering a talent shortage?

A recent report from Bullhorn suggests that many industries are facing a talent shortage. Have you considered if your business is one of them? One of the most effective ways to fill this gap is to boost the skillset of the people who already understand the way your company works. And this can be done effectively with on-site apprenticeship training.

The Apprenticeship Levy: What is it good for?

As we take a moment to look back on the past year of Apprenticeship Levy funding, amid mixed reports and opinions in the press, could it be time for employers who have been reluctant, to finally take advantage of the opportunity the Levy presents?


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