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Why Students Should be More Aware of Where They Want to Study

Every course and every university will usually set forward a number of prerequisites, requirements, fee structures, etc. to filter out their applicants. However, students also need to be more aware of their own criteria for the universities they have shortlisted. Thinking beyond the Harvards and the Oxfords, a bit of exploration is necessary to figure out what those should be, so that students can reliably choose their university for completing higher education.

UK Students are Largely Unprepared for University According to Reports

About half a million new students start university each year in the United Kingdom.

Students Increasingly Turn to Private Tutors to Help Them Through Their Degree

There has been a growing trend developing over the last several years of undergraduate students in the UK relying on private tutors to help them make it through their degrees. While in the past, private tuition of this nature has generally been associated with children and teenagers, the further education sector is seeing an increase in the number of students who feel ill-equipped to handle their degrees without the assistance of a private tutor.

Enterprise City Campus encompassing culture, enterprise and unlimited opportunity in the heart of Manchester

Plans have been unveiled for a new development called Enterprise City Campus in central Manchester which could employ up to 15,000 media and tech workers.

How to Attract International Students

International students make up a large part of any university or college. These students are great to have as they bring a sense of diversity to your university as well as often bringing in extra money due to their higher fees. Although many people want to study abroad, it is not always possible due to high costs and the fear of the unknown. This is why universities need to understand how to attract these types of students.

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