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Getting the Inside Scoop on Apprenticeships

When leaving school, teachers may only give you certain options such as either getting a job or continuing study to work towards university. But many young people don’t believe university is the path they want to go down. If you know what career you want to go in, and you might even know which job you want to pursue, going into an apprenticeship could be the perfect way to gain experience and earn a wage while you are learning.

Women Taking a Stand to Move Up Managerial Chain

In September 2020, @Citi group bank appointed a female CEO. Why is this big news? Because in doing so, the firm became the first big Wall Street bank to do so.

Post-Lockdown Education: Clearing Up the Options

The start of July usually marks a celebration for students across the UK. Exams have been completed, everything they have worked hard for has been done, and now they can take a few weeks to relax before they receive their GCSE or A Level results. The preparations for higher education begin as students enjoy their last summers before adulthood and college or university life starts.

Progressing attitudes towards female empowerment in the workplace

On #InternationalWomansDay #IWD2020 let’s consider what it really means for a brand to be empowering and inspiring  For a brand to truly resonate with modern consumers they must prioritise inclusivity and wave the flag of empowerment. Some brands go above and beyond to ensure that both their staff and their customers feel supported.

Female Empowerment Within #STEM

Despite the fact that more women than ever are entering in to STEM related roles, there is still a clear gender unbalance in the industry. Earlier this year however, Kate Bouman engineered the first image of a black hole, demanding respect for women in the astrophysics industry. Furthermore, Data analysis from LinkedIn tell us that more women have entered STEM industries in the last four decades than in any other.

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Richard Branson Pop Up Broadclyst

Richard Branson surprises school kids by popping up on Microsoft Teams to join an Enterprise lesson at Broadclyst School, Devon. He tells budding...

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