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Rison Software Joins Forces with MPAC’s Group of Companies

Rison Software has today announced they will partner with MPAC’s Group of Companies to help businesses improve and streamline their compliance requirements. 

How to Boost your Productivity at Work

Whether it’s the hot weather draining your energy, the memories of your summer holidays or your ‘to do’ list growing ever-longer, keeping motivated at work can be a tricky business. But being productive can be important for a number of reasons; from job satisfaction to keeping the boss happy, ploughing your way through the workload is a fundamental part of the job. 

Everything you Need to Know About Getting a Level 6 Qualification in Health and Safety

Being safe in the workplace is fundamentally important. Whether your place of work is an office, building site, factory or somewhere else, keeping everyone that enters it safe, including employees, visitors, contractors and freelancers is a legal requirement. Not to mention just good practice.

Reduce the Aches and Pains of the Work Place

Whether it’s a troublesome colleague, an overbearing boss, an ever-growing workload or something else, there are plenty of aches and pains to endure at a workplace. However, the physical discomfort suffered by many employees can reduce job satisfaction, effect productivity and have long term detrimental effects. 

How to get a Job in the Oil and Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry can be highly lucrative and, as a result, attracts heavy competition for jobs. It can also be very dangerous work, dealing with volatile materials, and, in some cases, particularly offshore work, in volatile environments. 

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