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Many will suffer from the downturn in the market, but none more than our young people

Youth Employment Group - Supporting Young People Through the C-19 Crisis  I think it is now accepted that the group who is most likely to see the impact of Coronavirus is young people who are already in work or now looking for their first or new employment.

My lessons learned: Euroskills 2018

Last week I had the great privilege to see the Euroskills 2018 Competition in Budapest. These national and international skills competitions are always very inspiring as you see first-hand the commitment and skill of these talented young people and the support they are given by their coaches and experts.

Is it just the off-the-job rules affecting apprenticeship starts?

I had a number of responses from my FE News article last week on the 20% off the job training (OTJT) rules.  Many agreed that in most cases the 20% OTJT can be managed by providers as long as the ESFA enables providers to interpret the rules to ensure that it benefits apprentices and employers and is not just another audit process.

Managing the 20% Off-the-Job Training Rules #OTJT

At the AELP National Conference, it was confirmed by the AELP member survey and the response to a question on the day that the rules around the requirement to deliver at least 20% of working hours as off-the-job training (OTJT) for the duration of an apprenticeship remains one of the main barriers to take up by employers.  

Apprenticeship Standards and Qualifications – IfA ‘Rules’

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) has recently widened its definition of when it will allow mandatory qualifications to be part of a new apprenticeship standard.  This comes after a lot of pressure from employers who had proposed mandatory qualifications but were ‘turned down’ by the IfA and the Government before them.  The clause that has now been included in the guidance is that a mandatory qualification can be included;


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