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Opportunities and Challenges: Exporting UK College expertise overseas

As Kofi Annan memorably reflected; ‘arguing against globalisation is like arguing against the laws of gravity’. Globalisation is the driving force of our times and the FE sector, as much as any other, has to find effective strategies to grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges it presents.

Developing ‘demand driven’ international programmes

There is a growing global acknowledgement that employer driven Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a vital ingredient for global economic and social development.

UK opportunities in the global skills marketplace

At Semta International, we place great value in our international projects and partnerships, the lessons we’ve learnt from going global through interacting with our partners and by meeting the specific challenges of successfully delivering in overseas markets have immensely enhanced and informed the way we do business in all our markets.

AoC's John Mountford outlines student visa changes

FE News catches up with John Mountford, Association of College's international director, at the AoC Annual conference. He talks about student visas, the international fringe event at the AoC conference, and their work with China.

John Mountford talks about the UK's international skills development

FE News talks with John Mountford, AoC's international development director, about how colleges are helping to improve Kazakhstan's skills economy.

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