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Thinking Outside the Box: Integrating Connection to Build Student Diversity

 How the AI-Driven Network Facilitates Equality and Diversity in Higher Education The IT world of the higher education sector is uniquely complex. Universities and colleges must provide networks for both on- and offsite users, on university-owned and personal devices, on campus and at home. Beyond all this, they also must onboard a fresh wave of users onto the network every academic year. During 2020 this complexity was heightened as higher education establishments were forced to make stark operational changes overnight in response to COVID-19.

How a modern, AI-driven network can propel your university toward a successful next normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented and formidable challenges to the viability and sustainability of university operations, practices and systems. Universities around the world have endured outbreaks on their campuses, resulting in students being quarantined in their halls or sent home unexpectedly. Revenues have fallen, research has stalled, and the impact on student communities has been immeasurable. According to a recent large-scale study, one in five students were already struggling with their mental health pre-pandemic, and another recent study from Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) revealed that almost two-thirds (63 percent) of UK university students said their mental health was worse as a result of the pandemic.

Location Services – Make or Break for Higher Education?

Jamie Pitchforth, Head of Education Practice, EMEA at Juniper Networks, looks into how institutions can enrich their on-campus experience for students and faculty with actionable insights and assured access, while respecting data privacy fundamentals.

The ramifications of cyber attacks in the education sector should not be underestimated

As universities gear up for the start of the academic year at the end of the month, and many, including Cambridge, Bristol and Cardiff, committing to remote learning for the full academic year, it is vital that they do not lose sight of the security risks they’re facing.

World Robot Olympiad: Tens of thousands of young people develop automation & programming skills

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