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Leadership and management skills have been identified as a key skills gap in healthcare

Arden University (@Arden_Uni) designs new courses to help fix the skills gap in healthcare   


Arden University (@Arden_Uni) has announced the expansion of its Manchester study centre following a doubling in its student numbers in the city over the past 12 months as the flexible, online and blended learning institution continues its rapid growth.

Arden University Bolsters Senior Team

Arden University (@Arden_Uni), a leading UK-based provider of flexible, online and blended learning, has announced the appointment of two new Deans, strengthening its senior team and allowing the university to continue to grow its unique offer.

Why the future of education is not just digital

The three key changes to higher education are not just digital  Many traditional universities are playing catch-up, trying to ensure students get their 9 grands worth via Zoom. But being digitally adept is not all that is needed. Bringing lecturers with experience in industry, rather than academia, using live cases to solve real-time problems and alternative assessments will better shape the professionals of tomorrow, while keeping them in touch with the here and now when learning from home.

Arden University Receives Indefinite Degree Award Powers

Arden University (@Arden_Uni), the blended and online distance learning specialist, has been awarded Indefinite Degree Award Powers (IDAP) with effect from September 2021, under the Higher Education & Research Act 2017.

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What do we see? - how the world looks to vision...

A new video, just launched by Thomas Pocklington Trust (@TPTgeneral), simulates how the world to children and young people with vision impairment....