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Articles from Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB)

FAB Board Chair and Vice Chair step down from board

@AwardingBodies Statement from the FAB Board of Directors - Retirement of @PaulEeles as FAB Chair and  @_TerryFennell as Vice Chair  The Federation of Awarding Bodies Board of Directors announces the retirement of Paul Eeles (Chair) and Terry Fennell (Vice-Chair) from the Federation’s Board at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), in December 2020.


Statement from the Federation of @AwardingBodies (FAB) Board of Directors  The pandemic represents a significant challenge to the post-16 skills eco-system, operationally and financially. By definition, examinations and assessments come usually at the end of a cycle of teaching and learning, including apprenticeship end-point assessments.

How the Federation of Awarding Bodies are dealing with the fallout of #Covid_19 Coronavirus

@AwardingBodies are dealing with the fallout of Covid-19 #Coronavirus  A message from our Chief Executive, @TomBewick.Don't forget to keep up to date via our dedicated page: https://t.co/FtUSpVWkl1#COVID19 #Coronavirus #CoronaCrisis pic.twitter.com/4SYjygNOSH

Making the most of assessment expertise in End Point Assessment

CABWI (@CABWI_AB) is a long-established awarding organisation #AO that also became an end point assessment organisation #EPAO in 2018 and started delivering end point assessment #EPA in May 2019. We felt with our expertise in assessment and focus on a niche sector (the water industry), we were extremely well placed to provide EPA.

External Quality Assurance - Hoping for more consistency and a reduction in complexity

@IFAteched consultation on External Quality Assurance: What I would like to see? Reflecting on nearly four years as an end point assessment organisation (EPAO), the first thing that strikes me is how the time has literally flown by since FDQ created a brand-new business operation to add our existing awarding organisation (AO).