Articles from Natasha Christou

What affect is Covid-19 having on teenagers that struggle with Period Poverty?

Prior to the outbreak, Plan International UK (@PlanUK) announced that one in every ten teenage girls will have experienced #PeriodPoverty - the problem of not being able to afford sanitary products.

How to get Children Interested in STEM During Lockdown and Beyond

In almost all of walks of life, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has an influence on what we do, whether that be taking medicine, using a smartphone, travelling from A to B, or making sense of numbers and graphs — something we’re all having to appreciate more right now.

UK Universities Facing Intense Credit Crunch

A job advert for a Policy Expert on Higher Education Financial Sustainability to join the Department for Education (@EducationGovUK) caused some excitement when it appeared a few weeks ago.

The Significant Importance Of STEM Now And Forever

Back in 2001, the US National Science Foundation coined the acronym #STEM for the first time. Broken down into its four subject categories, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, when considered, STEM is everywhere we look.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them, and having them stay

Why Is Employee Training Crucial In 2020? It should come as no surprise that Henry Ford, the engineering pioneer behind the automotive super brand, focused much of his attention on his employee’s personal development.

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