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Learners should be priority #1 in further education, but that’s not always the case

The idea might seem self-evident. Training is all about the training or, to put it another way, training is all about the learners. 

How will the FE Funding landscape change in the year to come?

My FE Funding predictions for 2021 We just hit the halfway point of the year, lockdown is relaxing, and life is starting to look a little more normal. It feels like we’re in a time of transition again, and it got me to thinking about what the next year holds for the FE funding world.

3 Years in - Is the Apprenticeship Levy still working?

Has the apprenticeship levy been a success? This week I wanted to talk about the ever-controversial Apprenticeship Levy. Has the scheme been a success? Anyone familiar with the levy is likely to have a preconceived answer; it’s difficult to find anyone saying anything good about the scheme. But are these notions correct?

How to use Social Media to recruit learners and staff

A lot of factors go into a successful social media strategy for marketing any business, and marketing your business is exactly how you should view social media as an FE provider.

Could the cure for COVID-19 could become worse than the sickness?

#Coronavirus lockdown – the reaction from businesses and individuals While most European countries have instituted some kind of lockdown, and the measures are broadly popular in countries that have, there is still no broad consensus on precisely what degree of measures is appropriate.

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