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Revving up for Ofsted 2021: Have Ofsted kept their promise?

Scheduled inspections by @OfstedNews were suspended from March this year and since late September, Ofsted have been carrying out ‘interim visits’ to FE and Skills providers.

It’s time to show that despite all the recent upheaval providers are delivering high-quality training

Since March this year we have seen unprecedented changes in every aspect of our personal and working lives. The Further Education, Learning and Skills sector without exception, has demonstrated its agility and ability to adapt, change and meet the needs of learners, employers and their own staff. Social media has come alive with success stories which have made heart-warming reading, revealing great initiatives and improvisation, and has shown that where there is a will there is certainly a way.

Implementing strategies to improve retention will always be the key to becoming a high performing training provider

It used to be said that inspections of training providers could be ‘won and lost on your data’ and that data ‘told the story of performance’ and better still, ‘numbers are easy to measure’. You could play the ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘never’ game with those statements but certainly data does project a high element of truth even if it may occasionally not completely tell the whole story.

SEND and High Needs, Have Your Say: Improving opportunities and life chances for our most vulnerable learners

A potential measure of an advanced modern society may be viewed as to how well that society supports and encourages the most vulnerable of its citizens to improve the quality of their life and achieve their full potential.

Maximising Study Programmes to develop learners’ employability skills

Maximising Study Programmes to develop learners’ employability skills, calculation and communication competencies to equip them with the abilities to succeed in the workplace and in life.

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