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The Baker clause: One year on

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on the need to improve the technical education system in England.

£100 Million per year: The Cost of Futureproofing Northern Ireland’s Education and Training System

A leading think-tank has calculated that the cost of preparing Northern Ireland’s economy for the future challenges of an ageing population and automation, to be £100 million each year until 2025.

"Lifelong Learning Revolution" Needed to Tackle 210,000 Worker Gap

By 2030, the number of pensioners per 100 working age adults in Northern Ireland will increase from 26 to 30, causing significant pressures on public finances. To maintain its current ratio and protect living standards, Northern Ireland would need an additional 210,000 workers by 2030, or an equivalent increase in productivity. At the same time automation will bring significant disruption and change to Northern Ireland’s future workforce, with 49% of jobs having a high potential for automation. IPPR is calling for a renewed focus on lifelong learning in Northern Ireland to boost productivity, and prepare for automation and ageing. IPPR has warned that there are significant challenges facing Northern Ireland, including an ageing population and automation.