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Does The Present Unsettle #FE?

In recent weeks life in #FE organisations – and in a lot of other organisations – has changed. It’s almost as if the world has been turned upside down. You can probably think of quite a few things that have definitely changed or which are changing around you.

Appraisals In #FE: Useful Or Not? Four things to consider

Are #FE appraisals any use or are they a waste of time, both for the person conducting the appraisal and for the person being appraised? Whatever you think at the moment, here are four things to consider, if you can, before your next appraisal takes place.

Social Media: Important To #FE In 2020 Or Not?

The question is worth considering. These days people use the term “social media” to mean lots of different things. They also use the term differently to how it was used fifteen, or even five, years ago. Some FE organisations value their social media presence. Others are less interested. Here are some issues to consider.

Could you spare half an hour to take more control of your career in FE?

The Cost Is Half An Hour – Just For People In #FE Over the coming holiday, could you spare half an hour to take more control of your FE career? If you could, read on.

Think about what you can do to make certain your FE career does not stall

Has Your Career Stalled? Have you considered recently what you need to do to make sure your career does not stall? You may not be looking for a new job or for promotion, but you still need to ask yourself questions about your plans for your career. You need to be aware of the principal options available to you concerning careers.


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