Articles from Universities UK

International students paying through the nose for woefully inadequate document-checking service

Concern is rising at UK universities as Sopra Steria – the company contracted to check documents and enrol biometric information as part of visa applications – is unable to meet demand, with students in some parts of the UK waiting 30 days to get an appointment.

Fair admissions review: Major review of university admissions underway

School, college, student, university and UCAS leaders to review admissions. A review of university admissions practices will ensure they are fair, transparent and operating in the best interests of students.

Thousands more should be able to do Degree #Apprenticeships

Bold action is needed from government to reform the degree apprenticeship system so many more people can become degree apprentices, according to a major report published today by Universities UK.

Supporting universities must be a top priority for the next prime minister

The next prime minister has a golden opportunity to deliver jobs, regional growth and improve life chances across the UK by working with universities.

Education Secretary call's for an end to "low value" degrees

A recent IFS study showed that for many people – and women in particular – going to university enhances both their employability and earnings potential. This is based on graduate’s earning aged 29.