Articles from Veebha Suchak

UNESCO IITE partner with Nisai Group in a quest to impact sustainability through ICT within schools

On 27th August, Nisai signed a project agreement with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) with the aim of investigating the potential of ICT for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within schools. The joint activities undertaken by Nisai and UNESCO IITE will be aimed at the social and educational inclusion of students, by promoting the access to information and educational materials by all means of ICT.

Nisai's new UK management and leadership team is empowering women and promoting gender equality

Nisai breaks the barrier that stops women from progressing by promoting from within in their new UK management structure Due to unprecedented growth and the expansion of their international business, Nisai has introduced a new UK management and leadership team consisting of all women.

Nisai Education Trust receives a grant from the Oak Foundation to improve literacy levels in the United States

Nisai Education Trust has recently received a two-year grant from the Oak Foundation’s learning differences programme.

International education centre in Brunei Darussalam will use power of education to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Nisai selects Brunei Darussalam to establish its Asia Regional Hub The Nisai Group Ltd of the United Kingdom (“Nisai”) is pleased to announce that Brunei Darussalam has been selected to deliver quality assured innovative educational programmes for the regions within Asia and beyond.

Nisai Group acquire Units of Sound as a “gateway to improving literacy levels for learners worldwide”

Nisai Group recently completed their acquisition of Units of Sound, an online literacy tool offering lessons within four key areas: