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Pay freeze will mean 8% drop in salaries of experienced teachers since 2007

New IFS analysis 'The long, long squeeze on teacher pay' by Jonathan Cribb and Luke Sibieta, provides the first analysis of what the announcement of a pay freeze for teachers in England in 2021 means for long-run changes in teacher pay.

Second-generation ethnic minorities are achieving great success in education, but this does not translate into equal success in the labour market

Today’s second-generation ethnic minority adults, who were born and brought up in the UK, did much better in the education system than the white majority despite much less advantaged economic backgrounds. This was true, though differentially so, for all the main minority groups. It contrasts with the experience of most ethnic minorities in other European countries.

30% of COVID-related spending on education in England due to come from existing budgets

The government has committed to spend about £4.3 billion on education in England in response to the pandemic over the two years 2020–21 and 2021–22.

Are too many people going to university?

In September 1999, Tony Blair set a goal for 50% of young adults to attend higher education institutions in the UK.

How has COVID transformed the labour market?

#FutureofWork #LabourMarket #LMI | This week, @TheIFS speak with Sarah O'Connor, Employment Columnist at the Financial Times, and Jonathan Cribb, a Senior Research Economist at IFS who studies the labour market.

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