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How has COVID transformed the labour market?

#FutureofWork #LabourMarket #LMI | This week, @TheIFS speak with Sarah O'Connor, Employment Columnist at the Financial Times, and Jonathan Cribb, a Senior Research Economist at IFS who studies the labour market.

Government white paper on adult education and skills is a missed opportunity

Rather than just another statement of good intentions, what is needed is a serious attempt to improve adult education and skills say @TheIFS in their report 'Big changes to adult education funding? Definitely maybe'

Catching up or falling behind? Geographical inequalities in the UK

This week, @TheIFS have gone into the archive to bring you an episode from last year exploring geographical inequalities with David Phillips, Associate Director at IFS and an expert on devolved and local government finance:

Least advantaged students gain a lot from going to university – compared to what they would earn if they didn't

Equal access to higher education for students from all socio-economic and ethnic groups is a key aim of UK education policy. New research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (@TheIFS), commissioned by the @EducationGovUK, looks at the financial benefit that students from different socio-economic and ethnic groups derive from attending university.

The productivity problem

In the past decade, the UK has seen some of the slowest rates of productivity growth of the OECD countries, with output per hour and real wages no higher today than they were prior to the global financial crisis.

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