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New data highlights equality gaps for estranged students

According to the data released today (@officestudents): The continuation rate of entrants in 2017-18 who were estranged from their parents was 8.2 percentage points lower than students who were not estranged – though this gap has reduced from 11.2 percentage points in 2014-15. The attainment rate (achieving a first or 2:1) of estranged students in 2018-19 was 13.0 percentage points lower than students who were not estranged. Estranged students are those who have been irreconcilably estranged from their parents for a substantial amount of time. Around 3,000 students recorded as estranged enter higher education each year.

OfS commissions new study on support for care experienced students

The Office for Students (@officestudents) has commissioned the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL) to undertake the first phase of a national study looking at how a consistent baseline offer of support could transform outcomes for care experienced students.   Studies show that barriers exist for this group at each stage of the student lifecycle, with non-continuation rates being particularly high – experimental data from the OfS shows that in 2017-18, the non-continuation rate for care experienced students was 5.6 percentage points higher than for students who had not been in care. Care leavers have also reported that academic pathways and support offers can be unclear, which may act as a deterrent to accessing higher education.

Grade inflation ‘remains a significant and pressing issue’ – new OfS analysis

Grade inflation ‘remains a significant and pressing issue’ – new OfS (@officestudents) analysis  

Regulator plans tougher minimum standards in higher education

A consultation launched by the Office for Students (@officestudents) today sets out initial proposals to raise the bar on quality and standards in higher education. The measures will help ensure that students from all backgrounds can access high quality courses which leave them well prepared for life after graduation.

Office for Students responds to Universities UK admissions review

Commenting on the recommendations from the Fair Admissions review published by @UniversitiesUK, Chris Millward (@Millward_Ch), Director for Fair Access and Participation at the Office for Students (@officestudents), said:


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