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Essential Skills Required for a Career in Engineering

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the economic situation in the UK, all is not as bleak as it may initially seem — particularly in the engineering sector.

How can graduates utilise a recruitment agency?

In March 2019 the unemployment rate in the UK hit a 44-year low. In an interview with The Guardian, John Philpott, the director of the Jobs Economist consultancy, noted: “Nobody seems to have told the labour market about the mood of Brexit-related economic uncertainty which has gripped the UK since last autumn.” Miners strikes, recessions, and political pandemonium, which included the worst parliamentary defeat in history, all compounded the unlikelihood of a four decade long economic depression turning itself around — it has however.

Why are #apprenticeship programmes so successful?

With over 23,000 apprenticeship opportunities listed on average every month, it comes as no surprise that apprenticeship participation has hit a record high in the last academic year, 2016/17.

Transformational leadership and how can you implement it in your workplace?

There are many different leadership styles out there, from autocratic to strategic, and it can be hard to position yourself amongst them.

The importance of access control in education

As the education system continues to strive, it has become essential for schools and colleges to install access control systems around their premises. With the help of United Carlton, specialists in Visitor management systems.


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