Articles from Elliot Gowans

Mobile content and gamification is key to student engagement

It is becoming increasingly challenging for tutors in higher education to engage their students with learning materials through traditional methods.

D2L extends its education customer base across EMEA

D2L is reaching more students in the UK, Europe, Middle East and South Africa

Educators in higher education asked for — and received — powerful new assessment tools

Today (22 Oct), D2L launches its Magenta Release — the latest version of its Brightspace LMS — which lets students around the world get structured and meaningful feedback on any learning activity, helping to improve their learning outcomes.  

Why the #FutureofEducation is Digital

People from all backgrounds take further education (FE) courses. According to the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group, ‘an essential characteristic of learners in the FE sector is their diversity.’

GCSE results are chance for schools to recognise the important role of technology in education

With this year's GCSE results set to be collected today (23 Aug), schools are preparing to be judged on their students' performance. Indeed, the education industry as a whole is under scrutiny as debates around teaching quality, the exam process and learning formats remain high.