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Making Student Mental Health a Priority #UniMentalHealthDay

Mental Health is a common topic on today’s news agenda, but perhaps one that’s not addressed enough when it comes to university students. Today (7 March) marks University Mental Health Day 2019, an annual day for higher education establishments to band together and make student mental health a priority.

5 top tips for dealing with stress when studying

Stress is something that every student, no matter their age, course, location or level of study, will experience. It’s also something that can have a multitude of triggers, whether it’s deadlines, time management issues, a lack of confidence or of course, results!

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Richard Branson surprises school kids by popping up on Microsoft Teams to join an Enterprise lesson at Broadclyst School, Devon. He tells budding...

FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter yesterday

Impetus #YouthJobsGap: Our Youth Jobs Gap research shows youth unemployment is far from being yesterday’s problem.…
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