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Gen Z Female Entrepreneurship Vital to UK Economy

#LetsTalkMindset: We’ve all seen the headlines about missed exams, missed lectures and joblessness, and we can take from this that the pandemic has been disproportionately difficult for young people. 

Covid Recovery: Why we can't let young people down

The devastating impact of Covid-19 has been experienced by all sectors of our society. Whilst intense loss has been experienced right across the country, the damage to young people has undeniably been disproportionate. Their generation has endured school closures, exam cancellations and job losses, with a monumental 80% of jobs lost during the pandemic having been for under 35s. .

Dragon's Den's Theo Paphitis on supporting young people to get into enterprise

Covid is breeding more #entrepreneurs than ever before  Each week Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, will be having conversations with teachers, young professionals, entrepreneurs as well as charity and business leaders in the new podcast series “Enterprising Mindsets”, exploring different people’s perspective on an enterprising mindset, it’s contribution to their journey and their view on its role in building futures.

Helping young people develop an enterprising mindset and build a ‘can do attitude’ has a profound impact

#Skills2030 - Now is the time to provide young people with the skills they need to succeed Young people in the UK are not receiving equality of opportunity- and the proof is crystal clear. Social mobility is falling according to the Social Mobility Commission, and the disadvantage gap between students is much higher than we thought, according to the recent FFT Database Report which details how schools have been off-rolling problem pupils to bump up school results.

Who’s Left 2019: The disadvantage gap is bigger than we thought

The FTT Education Datalab report, "Who’s Left 2019" released this morning (5 Dec) shows that ‘off-rolling’ hides the true extent of the disadvantage gap in schools, and that low-achieving pupils are not being recorded as they are removed from rolls to raise GCSE results.

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