Articles from Aftab Hussain

#VoiceFirst #EdTech Services offer schools, colleges and universities exciting opportunities to connect

I am pleased to announce the launch of @BoltonCollege’s #VoiceFirst app on the #iOS App Store. Huge thanks to the @UfiTrust for funding and supporting our work on #EdTech conversational services. #EdTech50 @Jisc @IBMWatson @AppleEDU #AskAda #EdTechStrategy

Modality of Campus Cognitive Assistants: Choosing the best platform for your setting

In this short article I would like to explore the modality of chatbots or cognitive assistants.

5 Uses for a Campus Chatbot

A growing number of education campuses like Bolton College are using chatbots to help their students, teachers and support teams. As these services mature they will be put to use across various contexts.

Introducing a chatbot to your learning management system (LMS)

If you create, consume or manage online learning materials on a learning management system (LMS); have you considered how a chatbot or a voice first service could be used to supplement or enhance the library of learning materials that is stored on your LMS?

The #FutureOfEducation is Conversational: Using #EdTech to Mitigate Complexity and Urgency

The ability to solve the myriad of day-to-day problems that are encountered on our campuses is getting harder and this is exacerbated by the lack of time to solve these problems. So the level of urgency rises.