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New £2bn Kickstart Scheme to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for young people

#PlanForJobs - THE CHANCELLOR @RishiSunak is set to reveal the biggest package of support for youth unemployment in decades as he sets out the plan to help Britain bounce back from coronavirus  In tomorrow's (8 Jul) Summer Statement, after Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQs), the Chancellor is expected to announce a three point Plan for Jobs, with a particular focus on the young.

Women in Economics

The work of economists in Government touches upon all aspects of life - from living standards and prosperity, an individual’s consumption choice to business growth and global trends spanning countries. This is why it is essential that the economists who provide advice for evidence-based policy making are representative of the society that the government serves. Diversity in our backgrounds leads to diversity of perspective with better approaches and more informed decisions.

Degree-level Apprenticeship in Economics

Government Economic Service lead the way in developing the new approved Professional Economist Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

Government Economic Service Careers

The GES is the largest recruiter of economists in the country and here we showcase some of the many stories of our economists working on a range of policies across government. Danny Quinn tells of tackling the Arab Spring on his first posting and how a position in Sierra Leone rapidly changed as Ebola struck the country:


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UNESCO Global Convention on Higher Education...

On 25 November 2019, UNESCO adopted the first United Nations Convention on Higher Education with a global scope. The new convention establishes...

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