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NUS statement on the rise of transphobia in Academia

@nusuk statement on the rise of transphobia in Academia: Trans people, trans liberation, trans lives are not ‘contentious subjects’  Under the pretence of being “gender-critical”, NUS Liberation team have noticed the sharp mainstream increase of transphobia within academic institutions. The gender critical perspective is rooted in opposing trans people and trans liberation and is nothing more than trying to rebrand transphobia. The increase in transphobic discourse has been coupled by the government's argument of free speech in Universities. For example, a “Gender Critical Research Network” has been launched and approved by the Open University, whose senior leadership has be neutral, and therefore, has decided to be an accomplice of this blatant transphobia and bigotry.

Paramedic students in Scotland will receive a £10,000 annual bursary

The Scottish Government has today (Thursday, 01 July 2021) announced that paramedic students in Scotland will receive a £10,000 annual bursary for courses starting this September.  

Students Call for a U-Turn on Scottish Appeals Process

On Wednesday 2 June, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, outlined to the Scottish Parliament the appeals process for the 2021 national qualifications affecting many college students and school pupils.

Calls for support as students face summer of poverty

@NUSScotland’s survey finds students rely on foodbanks and face rising unemployment  3 in 4 students expressed concern about their ability to manage financially this summer 24 per cent of students have been unable to pay their rent in full in the past three months as a result of covid, with 31 per cent unable to pay their bills 1 in 10 students used foodbanks More than half (54 per cent) of students said they are not at all confident that they will find a job this summer 22 per cent relied on credit cards, 8 per cent on bank loans and 16 per cent on credit schemes to make ends meet As students receive their final instalment of student support this month, NUS Scotland reveals the extreme hardship they have faced during the pandemic, which is set to get worse into the summer.

NUS calls for a student support package as one in three students cut back on food to make ends meet

@nusuk calls for a student support package as one in three students cut back on food to make ends meet    One in three students have cut back on food  for lack of money   One in ten students have turned to food banks.  As only one in three find student loans cover their living costs, and only 15% of students have been able to access hardship funding, NUS calls for a support package for all students.    As remaining students head back to campuses in England this week, new research from NUS reveals that extreme student hardship is set to continue into the summer.  

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