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Government must act now to prevent record levels of unemployed young people after furlough ends

Government must create #1000opportunities a day for young people to avoid crisis   Policymakers must act now to avoid a record number of young people ending up out of education, employment or training from October.

Getting Kickstart Working - My Top 5 Recommendations to Make Kickstart a Success

I’ve been part of the Youth Employment Group since it began a week or so into lockdown, it’s been brilliant to see 100s of committed organisations sharing their views on what’s going to matter moving forward.  The Government’s announcements investing in jobs, training and support for young people is exactly what we need and what we ALL called for. 

The Chancellor’s announcement is a well baked cake – here’s how to ice it

As any baker will tell you, baking a cake is a precise science. Accurate measurement of ingredients, temperature and cooking time are essential to producing a successful end product.

Many will suffer from the downturn in the market, but none more than our young people

Youth Employment Group - Supporting Young People Through the C-19 Crisis  I think it is now accepted that the group who is most likely to see the impact of Coronavirus is young people who are already in work or now looking for their first or new employment.


NEW FIGURES REVEAL THAT THREE QUARTERS OF SCHOOL LEAVERS ARE UNAWARE OF JOBCENTRE PLUS SUPPORT  Youth experts have joined forces to tackle the problem of unemployment among young people in the wake of COVID-19. Over 70 of the country’s leading youth charities, employer groups and experts have united to form the ‘COVID-19 Youth Employment Group’, a cross-sector emergency response to rising concerns about the economic and educational impact of coronavirus on young people.

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The BBC has obtained exclusive evidence that special education needs (SEN) support placements significantly drop post the age of 16 for students...

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