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The ‘NEET trap’ is locking young people out of the labour market for the long term

Most young people out of work are stuck for the long-term A new report published today reveals for the first time the extent to which becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) pulls young people into long-term economic inactivity. Published today by Impetus, The Long-Term NEET Population finds 75% of young people who are NEET for three months have been NEET for 12 months.

Poor children twice as likely to end up jobless - qualifications alone won’t close the gap

Gaining insights into young people who are NEET is as easy as L-E-O

The Evidence and Impact Exchange is a welcome move in promoting access, success and progression in #HE for underrepresented groups

We welcome the announcement today from the Office for Students (OfS) that King’s College London, Nottingham Trent University and the Behavioural Insights Team have been appointed to run the Evidence and Impact Exchange (EIX) – a ‘What Works Centre’ to promote access, success and progression in higher education (HE) for underrepresented groups of students.

Impetus-PEF announce £3.65 million backing to support disadvantaged young people

Tackling the barriers that disadvantaged young people face in getting qualifications, accessing university and securing long term employment are the drivers behind a £3.65 million grant funding, announced by Impetus-PEF.