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GCSE Results confusion must not distract from long-term inequalities in our education system

Today's #GCSE solutions could be next year's problems  The algorithm controversy of 2020 must not steal focus from the underlying inequalities in the education system. 

The Chancellor’s announcement is a well baked cake – here’s how to ice it

As any baker will tell you, baking a cake is a precise science. Accurate measurement of ingredients, temperature and cooking time are essential to producing a successful end product.

The ‘NEET trap’ is locking young people out of the labour market for the long term

Most young people out of work are stuck for the long-term A new report published today reveals for the first time the extent to which becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) pulls young people into long-term economic inactivity. Published today by Impetus, The Long-Term NEET Population finds 75% of young people who are NEET for three months have been NEET for 12 months.

Poor children twice as likely to end up jobless - qualifications alone won’t close the gap

Gaining insights into young people who are NEET is as easy as L-E-O


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