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How is impact investment changing and what does it mean for education?

This @PodcastEdTech episode is all about @UfiTrust VocTech Trust’s work to go beyond grant investing and venture investing to align its total investment portfolio more closely with its mission to champion the power of technology to improve skills for work. 

Future Workforce Development: What is the role of social impact investing?

This episode is the latest of our The Voctech Podcast: learning continued series, supported by the Ufi Voctech Trust.

#VocTechNow: three college stories, responding to the pandemic

In this episode of The Edtech Podcast (@podcastedtech), you’ll hear stories from three colleges; Lancaster & Morecambe College (@LMCollege), the Isle of Wight College (@IWCollege) and South West College (@SWCcollege) in Northern Ireland.

VocTech in the Criminal Justice System

This episode of The Edtech Podcast (@podcastedtech) was part of Ufi VocTech Trust’s ‘Week of VocTech’. 

What’s next for VocTech and FE?

This episode was hosted live as part of Ufi VocTech Trust’s #WeekOfVocTech. It is the latest of our 'The #VoctechPodcast: learning continued' series, supported by the Ufi Voctech Trust

#VirtualCoffee with David Gallagher on the future of education, skills and employability

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#VirtualCoffee with David Gallagher and Gavin |...

#VirtualCoffee with David Gallagher and Gavin | 3rd Aug