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The power of storytelling is a key leadership skill

Is the work you, the 'real' you? Do we ever really know someone? Do we ever really see the world through their eyes?

Coaching and #Mentoring in the Workplace: What is more important, the journey or the destination?

Goal setting within the workplace Recently, I was running a 'Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace' workshop where we explored the good old GROW model. GROW stands for:

Creating the workforce of tomorrow, today #FutureofEmployment

"Future Talent is important for the most obvious but deep of reasons: because the collective flourishing and success of the nation depends on properly mining the talents and interests of the next generation." - Alain de Botton.

Awareness needs to be raised of how #Apprenticeships can work for all #NAW2019

From school leavers to company executives, a nationwide pool of existing and new talent can be funded via the levy, enabling workers of all ages to  benefit from training programmes and advance their careers.

What Are Key Skills For Future Leaders? Preparing Our Talent Pool For The #FutureOfEmployment

The start of the new year has brought much speculation into what the top jobs will be, not only for the year, but for the future too.