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Government knows what effective improvement intervention in education looks like: Its failure to do so in FE is a choice.

Government does know what serious and impactful intervention in poorly performing education institutions looks like. Its failure to do so in further education is a choice.

Leading the transformation in FE

It’s the role, and the opportunity, of the leader to model the change they envision for the organisation. That means the chief executive is principally a principal.

Aligning organisational purpose, strategy and transformation priorities with available funding

In an environment where funding is desperately scarce, it is vital that leaders have processes in place to align resources with organisational purpose, strategy and transformation priorities.

How to unleash the talent already in your college

The hard yards of transformation Don’t assume that new levels of performance will always mean new staff. Leaders should look to unleash and grow the talent of colleagues already in the organisation. It is always easy for leaders – particularly those who are newly appointed – to assume that to change the performance, they will need to change the people.

Policy Cycle Blights FE: Colleges Leaders Should Chart Their Own Course

Constant and substantial changes in the policy context make setting strategy in a further education college incredibly difficult. Leaders should chart their own course.

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