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Hints and tips for EpAOs on designing multiple choice questions and answers

Across my work, with a wide range of EpAOs, I have seen a variety of approaches to the design of questions for knowledge tests. Knowledge tests requirements across the assessment plans vary, for example, they may be multiple choice test (MCQs), short answer, scenario based, and some contain a mixture. But there is one thing in common, the assessment plan does not write the questions or answers, that is the role of the EpAO. This means that EpAOs must design question and answer banks that are fit for purpose, which essentially means that they must be valid, reliable, comparable, manageable and minimise Bias (Ofqual Condition D1.2). In the Ofqual technical evaluation of end-point assessments in June 2020, they identified “more than one correct answer in multiple choice questions” in over a quarter of EPAs they reviewed (page 7). The report then went onto highlight effective practice (page 8).

Understanding and building effective governance in end-point assessment organisations

One of the most common areas I get asked for support from #EpAOs relates to how to meet @Ofqual’s requirements on governance and governing body, and I can see why; every rejection letter I have read cites issues related to governance / governing body amongst the reasons for rejection.

10 ways Ofqual, the ESFA and the IfATE can bring fairness and equity to the process of Ofqual recognition

In July 2021 I carried out an independent survey of end-point assessment organisations (EpAOs) to capture their views on their journey toward Ofqual recognition. The results of the survey, alongside my own experiences of working with a wide range of EpAOs has identified a number of areas where the policy is perceived as unrealistic or unfair, the messaging confused, and EpAOs feeling like they are left guessing. As a result, I have summarised my top 10 recommendations to make the processes fairer, smoother and to challenge perceptions.

Successful Ofqual Recognition: Top 10 Words of Wisdom

On 4 August 2020, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (@IFATEched), announced the transfer of the #EQA of end-point assessment to @Ofqual, or, for integrated higher and degree apprenticeships, the Office for Students (OfS).  

Ensuring the correct level in end-point assessment design

One of the most common areas of difficulty I find when working with End-point Assessment Organisations (EpAOs) is in the development (design and testing) of their tools and materials. Some EpAOs lack the confidence or ability to design assessment materials appropriate to the level of the apprenticeship assessment plan they intend to deliver.

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