Articles from Jacqui Molkenthin

Interested in becoming an End-point Assessment Organisation? Top Ten things you need to consider #EPAO

The continued growth in the volume and type of apprenticeship standards (almost 480 approved for delivery to date) brings with it the continued growth in demand for end-point assessment organisations (EpAOs).

Employer-led end-point assessment external quality assurance

Following the publication of my introductory article on end-point assessment external quality assurance, here is the next article in the series on external quality assurance (EQA).

Lifting the lid on external quality assurance of end-point assessment

An insight into external quality assurance of end-point assessment This article is the first in a series of articles on the External Quality Assurance of End-point Assessment of apprenticeship standards.

Translating an apprenticeship standard into an apprenticeship curriculum in 8 steps

With such a rapid expansion in the number of apprenticeship standards (over 450 approved to date), I thought I would share my experience of supporting the curriculum design and content of an apprenticeship standard.

#Apprenticeship gateway to end-point assessment, more than just a tick box exercise

I have heard organisations and people saying that the gateway to end-point assessment (EPA) has become a tick box exercise.