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The power of Collective Intelligence: Cultivating knowledge-sharing for systemic change

The power of collective intelligence can move mountains. At its simplest, collective intelligence is the process by which a large group of individuals gather and share their knowledge, data, and skills for the purpose of solving societal issues . Harnessing this power can lead to the emergence of the greatest innovations.

Post-Pandemic Learning: A Chance to Re-evaluate what Higher-Education Means

There has been a great deal of apprehension around the recent changes made in education as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this next era of education could be an incredibly exciting one as it will require us to go beyond our ideas of resilience, and instead begin to lay the groundwork for the types of change that have long needed to occur.

A Personalised Approach to Learning

In today’s digital world, businesses can identify the precise needs of their customers and curate products accordingly. Take the example of e-commerce websites: based on the history of past purchases and other insights, the website can recommend products that individual customers are likely to buy. Similarly, a streaming video service like Netflix can recommend what their viewers are likely to enjoy based on their previous purchases. 

Leveraging EdTech to overcome the largest disruption in the history of education: COVID-19

During a recent panel discussion hosted by Qatar Foundation (@QF) to coincide with the United Nations (@UN) General Assembly, Qatar Foundation’s Vice-Chairperson and CEO, H.E. Sheikha Hind, posed the question:

Refugees to teach students in unique language learning programme

Initiative marks first step in education technology #EdTech in Qatar Learning a new language is part of most students’ academic curriculum. But, this year, those studying at Georgetown University in Qatar will take part in a language learning program unlike any other, one taught by refugees from around the world.

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