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The transformative power that education can have

The UK’s youth labour market has seen the biggest transformation than any other aspect of employment. Young people are vital to the UK job market and enhancing their opportunities through career advice and guidance is essential as is helping them to acquire marketable skills. 

Summers over and the academic year has begun!

When Careermag for Parents launched back in April, we were unsure of what to expect. Reaching out to parents and guardians can be challenging as the audience is always changing. However, the feedback from the launch overwhelmingly showed the value of factual and independent information so we created Careermag for Parents 2. 

What to do after #GCSEResultsDay2019

What to do after your GCSE’s With GCSE results day here, you may be weighing up the options over which path to take, or perhaps you don’t know much about all the options available. Whilst government legislation means that you have to stay in education or training until you are 18 years old, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay in school. There are so many alternative options out there that mean you could get a head start in your desired career. If you’re still confused as to what to do and where to go, career expert, Sharon Walpole, from has given some of her advice.

Consider All Available Avenues Following #ALevelResults2019

#ALevelResults2019 - What parents can do to help their children following their results A-level results day is a tense time for parents of children hoping to head off to university in September.

The career landscape is rapidly changing: Help your students to fully understand the options available to them #ResultsDay2019

The big day is almost here… Results Day!