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A Dual Approach - Retain the National Retraining Scheme and Devolve the National Skills Fund

A Right to Adult ‘Training and Retraining’ The National Skills Fund’s underlying long-term aim is stated to be moves towards a ‘right to train’, analogous to (how is unspecified) the Conservatives’ famous ‘right to buy’ (the council house you live in).

More Black British students than ever choosing Oxford University

@UniofOxford has announced that more than 22% of undergraduate students starting in 2019 were Britons from Black and Minority Ethnic #BAME backgrounds – up from 18% on the previous year’s UCAS admissions statistics.

£2.55m funding boost for research into impact of UK school exclusions

New ESRC grant will see first-time multi-disciplinary research conducted on consequences of school exclusions across the UK, led by the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. 

Let’s hope more Universities follow Oxford’s diversity drive

Commenting on The University of Oxford’s new initiatives to boost numbers of students from under-represented backgrounds,

The Oxford Institute of Charity (OIC) between the College and Charity Futures announced


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