Articles from Social Mobility Commission

Contributing to a robust and fair system for 2021 examinations

The Social Mobility Commission (@SMCommission) has made a series of recommendations towards plans for next year's exams in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding downward social mobility

New @SMCommission report looks at downward social mobility, its impact and the differences between voluntary and involuntary downward social mobility.

The long shadow of deprivation: Differences in opportunities across England

A socially mobile country provides equal opportunities for everyone, across big cities and small towns, and regardless of whether your parents are rich or poor.

Social Mobility Commission report shows that one in eight childcare workers are paid under £5 an hour

#EYMatters - A report published today (5 Aug) by the Social Mobility Commission (@SMCommission), reveals that as many as one in eight of the early years workforce is paid under £5 an hour and that low pay, a high workload and a lack of career development for early years workers risk having a serious impact on the provision of care and education services for the under-fives.

Stability of the early years workforce in England report

Research highlighting that the early years workforce in England is underpaid, overworked and undervalued.


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