Articles from Dr Ann Limb CBE DL

Have faith in the transforming power of FE

Transforming power of FE: Equality, Education and Equity = Philanthropy

A unique approach to FE skills in one of the UK’s most important corridors

All Party Parliamentary Group for the UK Innovation Corridor (UKIC) brings together further education, business, council leaders and industry experts from London to Peterborough all intent on one thing: ensure its local population has the skills to benefit from the economy of the future.

Collaborating across #FE and beyond to honour and celebrate all diversity

Someone once described me as ‘an entrepreneur with public sector values’.

Ann Limb calls for FE Leaders to pick up the LGBT+ baton

It’s time for FE Leaders to pick up the LGBT+ baton I can’t consciously recall the moment I knew I was able to love, romantically, both men and women.

Ann Limb shares some tips on how Providers can engage with their local LEP