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Grants of up to £25K available for trainers of vocational learning

@UfiTrust #VocTech Now: Creating Impact, Changing Lives in 2020  With COVID -19 rapidly transforming the way millions of people across the UK work and learn, Ufi VocTech Trust today announces a new funding call for 2020.

UK-based eLearning company supports teaching in Shanghai during Coronavirus epidemic

@FlashAcademy_HQ who have received funding from @UfiTrust to develop language learning software, have recently deployed one of their e-learning solutions in China to support pupils who are no longer allowed to be in school because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

£300,000 Investment To Inspire Bright Young Futures

Newport based early years education technology specialists Kinderly has secured a £300,000 investment to help give children a great start in life, regardless of their circumstances or need.

Skills for work: £3,000,000 In Tech Innovation Grants awarded

Seventeen projects will receive funding thanks to a series of funding calls by Ufi VocTech Trust throughout 2019. 

Ufi VocTech Trust Welcomes 3 New Trustees

The appointment of Alex Cullen, Anthony Bravo, and Paolo Fresia to the the board means the addition of invaluable portfolios of experience and knowledge at what is an exciting time for Ufi VocTech Trust.


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