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.@JeremyCorbyn ‏'s Call To Change Attitudes To Vocational Training Needs To Include Adult Learners

With Jeremy Corbyn criticising old-fashioned 'grammar school mentalities' about vocational education, Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO of Ufi is calling for greater parity between academic and vocational learning and for the education system to be extended to include adults, not just young people:

Forget scrapping GCSEs, we need education 4.0 now #FutureOfEducation

The digitisation of the workplace is not some distant future loosely imagined, it is here now.

#VocTech Showcase Ray Barnes Prize for Impact through Innovation

The first winner of the Ray Barnes Prize for Impact Through Innovation recognises iSci for their use of technological innovation for vocational learning and was announced at Ufi’s annual #VocTech 2018 Showcase in London on 21 November 2018.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution must be underpinned by the Fourth Educational Revolution

On Monday 20th August Andy Haldane talked of a ‘hollowing out’ of the job market as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

VocTech Impact: Stage 2 opens

Today (14 Aug) marks a further step in our search for large scale projects which use genuinely innovative digital methods to raise the skill levels of vocational learners.