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What's the Climate Change Levy and how can colleges reduce it?

Whether you realise it or not, it’s likely that you’re paying the Climate Change Levy (CCL) as part of your energy costs.

3 businesses putting sustainability at the heart of their growth strategy

Sustainability has taken on a whole new meaning for businesses. Annual CSR reports are behind us; customers and stakeholders are now demanding real-time transparency from brands, along with demonstrable proof of their environmental and social contributions.  

6 ways your SME can thrive during the Christmas season

It’s that time of year again. For some, it may feel like it’s been creeping up for a while, but for others, Christmas can really feel as though it’s come out of the blue. For SME owners, the festive period can be a particularly stressful and overwhelming time, with demanding customers, increased workloads, and the added pressure of having to contend with out-of-office suppliers and financial dependents. Research from last year found that 53% of small business owners in the UK worked over Christmas, and 18% of those worked more than 18 hours straight a day.

#DigitalSkillsGap - 65% of SMEs are losing time and money through failing to use technology to its full potential

Recent studies have shown that as many as 65% of small and medium sized businesses are losing time and money through failing to adopt technology and use it to its full potential.

5 simple ways your college or business can become more sustainable

5 simple ways your business can become more sustainable

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Designated Safeguarding Lead Training in FE

Overview It is a statutory requirement for professionals meeting ‘robust 2-yearly training’ for those with a lead or designated professional role...

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