Articles from RS Components

46% of parents believe #EdTech has a positive impact on children, despite thinking they spend too much time online

RS Components asked parents around the UK their thoughts on kids and technology. The survey included a series of questions that covered the amount of time they thought their kids spent on different devices, the appropriateness of different social media platforms, if they used parental controls and whether they checked their children's devices. 

#AI Will Impact Over 10 million Jobs by 2035 - Are You Exempt From The Robot Revolution?

The robotic revolution is set to cause the biggest transformation in the world’s workforce since the industrial revolution.

Non-linear career movements are the new norm

To achieve success it's no secret that you need to work hard. Everyone's career goals are personal to them; some pursue a specific career to benefit financially, whilst others are passionate about certain areas - for example, ensuring a customer’s needs are always met - and those people will work their hardest to get there.

Senior professionals of education are earning on average £23,000 more per annum than the average UK salary

New data analysed by RS Components has revealed the best and worst paid jobs across the UK.

China and the UK are ranked surprisingly for best locations to study #STEM

Studying a science degree has never been more exciting than in the present day, with the advancement of technology and breakthrough of discoveries each day to learn about both the way the planet works and those that live on it.