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Nazarbayev Uni promotes importance of multilingualism through intensive summer language course

@NUedukz Nazarbayev University promotes importance of being multi-lingual through intensive summer language course

A well-designed blended program can vastly improve learning outcomes

ESMT Berlin first triple-accredited business school in Germany to launch blended MBA program ESMT Berlin will offer a part-time blended MBA program, consisting of 80 percent online and 20 percent face-to-face content, starting in September 2020. The program is directed at early to mid-career professionals who wish to study in parallel with their work but do not want to miss the benefits of working with other students and expanding their network. Participants can choose whether to attend their classroom sessions in Berlin or Munich, meeting every two months from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon for their on-site modules. Applications can be submitted now at

BI Norwegian Business School joins international centre for banking studies

The BI Norwegian Business School is the newest institution to join the European Banking Institute (EBI). Based in Frankfurt, the EBI is an international centre for banking studies including 31 of Europe’s most prominent academic institutions, covering 21 European countries and aiming to have full European outreach.


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