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NAHT report on effective school-to-school peer review

Today (Friday 20th September) the National Association of Head Teachers published its ‘Principles of Effective School-to-School Peer Review’ report which argues that peer review between schools school be the norm, not an exception, and should be at the core of school improvement.

One in five children left education at 18 last year without basic qualifications

Research published today (Friday 20th September) from the Children’s Commission for England shows that last year 98,799 children in England - almost one in five (18 per cent) of all children leaving education at 18 - left without reaching Level 2 attainment (five GCSEs A*-C). This is a 24 per cent rise in the number of children leaving education without Level 2 over the last three years.

Vocational education should be a cornerstone of national economic development

Creating a first-class system of vocational education One of the biggest challenges we face as a country, whatever happens with Brexit, will be creating a first-class system of vocational education that gives all our young people a chance in life.

Free schools programme failed to create school places we need

Angela Rayner MP, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, commenting on the government launching Wave 14 of the free schools programme, said:

We have now had four higher education ministers in two years #OverandOut

It’s been an honour to represent Orpington for 9 years & to serve as a minister under three PMs. In recent weeks I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest - it’s an unresolvable tension & time for others to take on my roles as MP & Minister. #overandout