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NEW rules on flexible furlough explained

NEW rules on flexible furlough explained by @alan__price - employment law expert and CEO of @BrightHR_

Bank holidays: Five things businesses need to know during the coronavirus crisis

With winter now behind us, we are now entering a period with a few bank holidays. Despite the #coronavirus outbreak, the government seems to have confirmed that, generally, bank holidays will occur as planned for the rest of 2020. With this in mind, here are some key questions employers and employees may ask.

Government announcement on holiday leave for workers - what do employers need to know?

Recently, the government announced that workers who have not taken all of their statutory annual leave entitlement due to Covid-19 will now be able to carry it over into the next two leave years. 

#Coronavirus - Are your remote working policies up to date?

With #COVID_19uk cases continuing to increase, an option that many employers should be exploring right now is permitting staff to work from home. While some companies may already have homeworking agreements in place, for others this may be a first-time scenario. Whatever the situation, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

BrightHR reveal the staff absence trends that swept the UK in 2019. Which names are the most likely to take a sick day?

According to research by @BrightHR_


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