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COVID-19: The impact on freelance trainers

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly hitting all of us hard, but particularly affected are those who work freelance or are self-employed – 63% of freelance trainers who responded to our survey currently have no caseload.

COVID-19: A worrying time for furloughed employees and apprentices

As per our last article, 30% of candidates in the training sector who responded to our survey* conducted at the start of the month said that they have been furloughed.

Furloughed employees in the training sector have their say

We’ve all been unable to escape the word ‘furlough’ over the past few weeks – a term many of us were not even familiar with before this crisis. Simply put, the government’s furlough scheme guarantees employees who have stopped working during the coronavirus pandemic 80% of their wage (with exceptions).

Working From Home: The New Normal?

As you may have seen in our last article, the picture for the training sector is currently looking fairly positive. 25% of those surveyed who remain in full time employment reported business as usual with a further 50% stating they have had to make adjustments, but are now working as normal.

COVID-19: It’s not all doom and gloom! New research reveals optimism amongst training professionals

Since the coronavirus pandemic really began to affect our working lives towards the end of March, we’ve been keen to understand how it has affected everyone in the training sector to learn how we can best support training providers and staff alike.

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