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GMLPN, NYLP and WYLP announce WellFest2021 Speakers

The Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (@GM_LPN), North Yorkshire Learning Providers (@NYLP10) and West Yorkshire Learning Providers (WYLP) are excited to announce the speakers of WellFest 2021.

Mental Health in Apprenticeships – My Experience

I’m Emma Nolan and I am a Software Engineer Apprentice at @ThalesUK. I’m doing a Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship, studying Digital and Technology Solutions at @ManMetUni.

GMLPN Celebrating World Autism Awareness Week through the Increasing Apprenticeship Opportunities for Autistic People Project

The 14th World #AutismAwarenessWeek2021 takes place from Monday 29th March – Sunday the 4th April. The week aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by autistic people and to encourage the world to be a more inclusive place for autistic people.

Innovation Greater Manchester provides blueprint for boosting R&D investment and levelling up North

@GMLEP - A blueprint for translational innovation between Greater Manchester and Government catalysing inclusive economic growth could generate a £7bn economic benefit and support the UK in achieving its goals of levelling up the North and increasing global trade.

Increasing Apprenticeship opportunities for autistic young people

The Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (@GM_LPN), in partnership with education provider @NCFE, have launched a new project to increase apprenticeship opportunities for autistic young people.

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