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Some practical ways to ensure apprentices make progress in learning

Managing learning and progress in #apprenticeships Following my previous article on planning the vocational curriculum, this one looks at how you actively manage teaching and learning in apprenticeships and contains extracts from my online publication The best apprenticeships guide.

Early lessons from those delivering apprenticeships

This Autumn, I’ve been running CPD days for those on the front line of delivering apprenticeships. These are small-group events where we’ve looked across the whole apprenticeship process focussing on the learning journey, end-point assessment and quality assurance.

Seamless on-programme planning for apprenticeships incorporating the 20%

This article by Hilary Read looks at where to begin when planning a curriculum of vocational teaching and learning for the on-programme element of apprenticeship standards.

On-programme planning for new apprenticeships

The following is an extract from the 2nd edition of The best assessor's guide (apprenticeships edition) due for publication this October which has been revised to include changes to practice brought about by the RQF and new apprenticeships.

The changing role of the assessor in apprenticeships

Changes to apprenticeships in England mean big changes to the assessor role. This article looks at some of the main ones and what these will mean in practice for you if you are a vocational assessor and are planning to teach or assess on the new apprenticeship routes:

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 ‘Young people are in danger of giving up on their futures and on themselves’

New @princestrust survey finds 1 in 4 young people feel ‘unable to...
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The figures are from a survey of 2,000 16 to 25 year olds, the first of its kind, conducted by the polling and research consultancy Comres on behalf... Show more