Articles from Adam Tucker

Online university sees significant spike in applications, as coronavirus leads to the closure of other institutions.

Like many industries, the world of higher education has been hit hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdown measures being enacted in countries across the globe,  recent reports have suggested many universities are facing the prospect of refunding tuition fees - following an online petition of 266,000 students who face starting the academic year in social isolation. However, the current crisis has seen those institutions which have been built for remote learning and long-distance higher education become vital support structures for those seeking to continue their education uninterrupted.

Babbel offers students free language-learning amid COVID-19 pandemic.

As schools and universities across the U.K. close, leading language learning app @Babbel is offering all school and university students free access to its app for a month.

Giving a voice to all supports the inclusion of marginalised students

Promoting #Diversity and #Inclusion A diverse and inclusive classroom is one that treats each student according to their individual needs and is, in theory, a happy one. However, in any classroom, there will inevitably be louder and quieter students.