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Putting jobs back into the local community with Waltham Forest College

Playing a key role in the economic recovery and the first choice for students in London, Waltham Forest College is here to provide you with excellent skills-based knowledge that will drive you forward in your career, whether that is in a field you have been working in for years or embarking on a new challenge.

Waltham Forest College is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week

This year the theme is ‘Nature’ and how connecting with the natural world can support good mental health.

Commendable classes: Waltham Forest College praised for their career's program

Proving once again the dedication to their learners, Waltham Forest College (@WFCTweets) has been highly commended for their outstanding achievement of the Gatsby Benchmarks, with the award panel going so far as to single out Careers Leader, Ali Yusuf, for the pivotal role he played.

Waltham Forest College at the Heart of the Economic Recovery

For many of us, the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and the various national and local lockdowns brought about a period of self-reflection and self-assessment, often raising questions about our future pathways.

Waltham Forest College Uncovers Lost History of Vital War Time Role

The influence on national life exerted by the blue ribboned colleges of Oxford and Cambridge has been well documented, but what about your local college? What about, for example, Waltham Forest College (@WFCTweets)?

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