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Setting funding bands so low they reduce quality and dissuade employers is a false economy

Government should adopt MPs’ recommendations on the apprenticeship reforms without delay.

Party conferences must focus on social mobility


Fair system must be created to allow SMEs to access apprenticeship funding, say AELP

Smaller employers will need a streamlined digital service to access government funding for apprenticeships when they join the Apprenticeship Service (AS) which is currently operating for large levy-paying employers only.

AELP responds to 26.5% drop in apprenticeship starts

Commenting on today’s official statistics for apprenticeships, AELP CEO Mark Dawe said:

Statement from AELP’s CEO on non-levy apprenticeship allocations

There is plenty to write about this week. Today we are looking at end point assessment and the whole end to end delivery of apprenticeships and I have been meeting with various people connected with the IfA – so important that this organisation is a success. With the lines of responsibility shifting, and sometimes blurring, between delivery, assessment and training it is important AELP understand and ensure the best possible apprenticeships across the whole apprenticeship cycle.

Preparing for the unknown and embracing new delivery methods

Independent Learning Providers (ILPs) have one of the most interesting and challenging jobs in education. Teaching everything from yoga to degree-level apprenticeships, ILPs have to cater for a diverse and eclectic student base with a range of very different needs.

Ministers need to respond to latest crash in apprenticeship starts

The latest monthly apprenticeship start numbers for March 2018 (23,900) have been published today showing a 52% fall in total starts in comparison with March last year. Starts for the year 2017-18 so far are down 28% on a year ago.

AELP writes to Secretary of State on non-levy apprenticeship allocations

Following AELP CEO Mark Dawe’s communication to AELP members in this week’s Countdown, AELP has continued to lobby the government and ESFA on the non-levy apprenticeship allocations. Since the Countdown article appeared, many providers have emailed our Apprenticeships mailbox with details of their allocations. The emails make for shocking reading and Mark and Simon Ashworth have endeavoured to answer all of them. Cuts in allocations of around 80% are not uncommon (one or two even higher) and the range is typically between 50 and 80%. Some grade 1 and 2 providers have not been spared the carnage. Many members tell us that their allocations cover barely a month’s new starts and we have informed ministers and officials of the likely consequences. 

Non-levy update: Contact your ESFA account manager

Many AELP members are already contacting their ESFA account manager about their non-levy apprenticeship funding allocation for May-December 2017. If you are unhappy with how your allocation has been calculated, the ESFA is willing to consider your case, so you should contact your own account manager as soon as possible. In presenting your own calculations, you should make sure that your figures only cover starts because carry-in learners are being funded separately.

Lessons to be learnt from Carillion apprentice redundancies

AELP has reacted with disappointment to the news this week that 341 Carillion apprentices are being made redundant and will lose their wage support.